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"Zeology" introduces a sustainable tanning method using a zeolite-based, chrome-free, heavy metal-free, and aldehyde-free formula, emphasizing its environmental advantages over competitors. The promotional concept involved creating various computer-generated environments, such as an Icelandic landscape, a vibrant forest, and an expansive ocean view, to illustrate the tanning process. The production involved a green screen setup, minimizing physical props on set, and the collaboration of a skilled crew ensures a successful and seamless execution of the project, combining artistic and technical expertise in post-production.

My contribution was mostly set preparation and managing all the technically complex scenes. Making sure all scenes worked as expected and solving any problems. Also keeping track of rendering and re-rendering once a scene was done. I also need to make sure that the edit was up to date, and the correct exports were made to be send to the client.

Client: Smit & Zoon

Tasks: Set preparation, Scene Management, Render Wrangler


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