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ProRail initiated a safety campaign addressing unsafe actions near train tracks, caused by activities like running, dog walking, and bird watching. The campaign focused on illustrating the domino effect of these actions, emphasizing the serious consequences while maintaining a fresh and vibrant visual appeal. The project involved creating a unique visual language and overcoming technical challenges to ensuring a seamless blend between reality and illusion. The result was a series of four 30-second commercials, each with distinct locations and stories, effectively conveying Prorail's safety message.

For me the tasks included pre-visualising the concept and getting the process as streamlined as possible. There needed to be a translation between the different software we used and getting all the correct animations and images in the scenes and pre-rendering the lighting. Because these needed frequent updating, I made a tool that would automate the process of these updates.

Client: Prorail

Tasks: Scene Management, Render Wrangler, Production Streamlining, Pre-visualization, Additional lighting


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